Using a custom proxy in a Scrapy spider

Make use of Scrapy’s standard HttpProxyMiddleware by specifying proxy meta value and the autherization header in a Scrapy Request, for example:

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How to import files from different folder python

If there are many folders in your project. It would difficult to import from this file to other file. At this article, I will give you 2 ways to do this Xem tiếp >> “How to import files from different folder python”

Scraping data from Gumtree

I will help you to scrape data from  with phone number.

The fields to get: category, title, full_name, phone, street_address, city, town, lifecycle_state, avaiable, posted, bedrooms, price, url Xem tiếp >> “Scraping data from Gumtree”

Python printing to screen and writing to a file at the same time

You create a Python script. If you need print to screen and writing to a log file at the same time, you could use the under source code. Xem tiếp >> “Python printing to screen and writing to a file at the same time”

Get product infomation from

Project requrements

This project involves creating a scraper for products from an eCommerce site using Scrapy.
The scraper needs to deliver the following fields from product pages on the site:

  • Product Title
  • Product Description
  • Product Price
  • Product Image URL
  • SKU

Export should be to a CSV file. Xem tiếp >> “Get product infomation from”

Automatic check, download, analyse expired domains

Main purpose of program is get latest expired domains and then analyse these domain.

Working steps: All below steps are run automatically

Step 1: Open brower and login to

Step 2: Get latest expired domains excel file

Step 3: Read the excel file which have latest expired domains

Step 4: Go to Using bulk analytic feature to check all above expired domains

Stop4: Download the analytic results to defined folder with specific filename. (add current date, index,…)

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