Demo for database of licenses system

Database of licenses system

This is a demo website for a license database. License (automotive, contractor) infomation is scraped from daily to track new licenses and existing license status.

System summary

There are 2 main modules in the system.

  • The first is a scraping bot which is written in Python with Scrapy. The bot is scheduled to run daily to get new licenses and the existing licenses status. The result is stored in a Mysql database.
  • The second is an admin website which is written in Python with Django to display the result. We could search, filter,…


The system is written in Python with Scrapy, Django framework. It could be deployed on Linux server (1CPU, 1Gb of RAM).

Demo website

The demo system at:

Username: viewer, Password: etuannv2019demo


If you’d like to build a similar system, let contact me at url:

Thanks for your reading!